Click HERE to open our pop-up player


In our efforts to make it as easy to listen to our station as possible, and to be able to do so in many situations, we have added a pop-up player to listen to Heart Of Gold Radio with while you are in other sites. 

When you visit this menu choice you will get a popup version of our player - if you are not blocking pop-ups from our site.  Once its up, you can then go to FACEBOOK or a game site such as POGO and keep the player going for great music while you are surfing the web elsewheres.


If you come here and have an odd echo added to the sound, it is because two players are playing at once.  Just push the STOP button on either player or if you are leaving our site, then go ahead to your next website, and that will stop the built-in player on our webpage, and leave the popup player going.  If we can help you with any problems listening to our station, please let us know. 

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